When a person hears the words master mind what comes into our mind? A villain who thought of a grand plan to take down the hero? How about a genius who discovered the cure to cancer? If anything we think of just one person. This is not the case with the growing popularity of a master mind group, if 2 heads are better than one, let’s try more.

A master mind group is basically a group that does brain storming; educating one another, provide accountability and support to sharpen and push each other to achieving success. In this group, each member will actually challenge each other with setting goals, and setting them high with the full intent of doing them. This group requires a good sense of commitment, confidentiality, willingness to give and receive well meaning advice and insights, and to support each other with honesty, respect and compassion.

The main aim of these mastermind groups is to encourage growth, support their members and play devil’s advocate in discussion sessions. It is very important to understand that this is not a formal class room situation although guest speakers and guests are frequently invited to brainstorm some hypothesis or theory. There is therefore no coaching or teaching involved in these sessions. It is a group of like minded individuals discussing an idea. The advantage is that each member receives and gets constructive feedback, advice and great support from the group.

Ben-Franklin-300x300The group is not formed to create a networking group although they freely share resources with each other. The concept of mastermind groups has been around for many centuries. It is said that Benjamin Franklinwas part of a mastermind group called Junto.

The advantages gained from membership to a mastermind group are numerous. It allows two or more people to share their knowledge and work together for a specific or definite purpose. When two minds come together in thought, a third mind is created, the mastermind.

Discussing some hypothesis with your mastermind group allow them to explore theories and brainstorm ideas that to the average person may sound unreachable. This sharing gives feedback and in some cases totally new concepts can be discovered. The members have extraordinary commitment and dedication towards their group and they participate actively in the discussions. They always help each other to focus on the problem and keep on track at all times.

Why join a mastermind group?

  • It makes you part of a select and exclusive group by invitation only. The criteria are experience and knowledge.
  • Being part of the group removes the feelings of being isolated in conducting your business interests. The fellow members become to some extend expert advisors.
  • Allow collaboration between the members to achieve better results.
  • Allow the person to widen their network exponentially and very fast.
  • Create the opportunity to gain new knowledge from other members that is experts in their respective fields.
  • Create the right environment to promote each other’s businesses through networking.
  • Give you the opportunity to think bigger and cross boundaries previously thought to be impossible.