Both the Saint Louis Innovation Camp and the Innovator’s Cup are volunteer run events hosted by MATA Tech, a Missouri Based Non-Profit Organization. Without the assistance of community leaders, this event simply would not be possible because of the amount of needed to make this event possible.

However, as with all non-profit efforts, there is more work to be done than our current list of volunteers can complete.

Below is a list of the volunteer efforts we currently need additional assistance with. If you are interested in pitching in to help us complete any of these vital efforts, please send an email to

Current Volunteer Opportunities:


Marketing Coordinator – Work with members of the leadership team and various other volunteers to ensure marketing efforts are coordinated and convey similar messages. Commitment: 20-40 hours total from Jan. 4th to Jan. 15th.


Sponsor Coordinator – Work with the members of the leadership team, Marketing Coordinator, and various other volunteers to ensure our sponsorhip efforts are highly effective and well focused. Post acquition, ensure all sponsorship agreements are executed, including distribution of material and attendee registration. Commitment: 10-20 hours per week from Jan. 11th to Feb. 19th.


Volunteer Coordinator – Assist in planning volunteer efforts the day of the event. Prior to the Innovation Camp, oversee vital tasks related to volunteer training, material preperation & distribution. Commitment: 20 hours per week from Feb. 15th to Feb. 26th. The full weekend of Feb. 26th.


Event Prep Volunteers – 5 -10 volunteers will be needed the week of Feb. 15th to prepare materials for distribution. Commitment: 5 – 10 hours the week of Feb. 15th.


Event Volunteers – 10+ volunteers will be needed the weekend of the event to provide directions and assist with event related questions. Commitment: 4 – 8 hours on Feb. 26th, 27th, and/or 28th.


On-Site Service Volunteers – 16+ volunteers will be needed the weekend of the event to assist with enrollment for onsite services including tasks like assistance with the MO State incorporation website, registering domain names, signing up attendees for vendor programs. Assitance only – No sales or marketing required. Commitment: 2 – 4 hours on Feb. 28th.